[V8] oil level...oil blow by

Tony and Lillie tonyandlillie1 at earthlink.net
Wed Mar 21 15:16:37 EDT 2007

All this talk about blow by and oil burning had me thinking this morning.

I got advice from a well known tech on this subject a number of years ago 
concerning this. I was burning about a quart every 500 miles, and quite 
concerned. He told me the V8 likes to determine it's own level, to some 
extent. So, fill it up, and watch the level to make sure it doesn't get 
below the min mark. At some point, it will more than likely level out. Mine 
did, about half way. Keeping that in mind ever since as the "full mark", 
I've burned about a quart every 2000 to 2500 miles ever since. And, this is 
a high milage motor.

Hope this helps,
Tony Hoffman

Oh, and yes, Audi did a TSB stating that the oil change required 8.5 quarts. 
The system holds 10, but you can't empty the oil cooler, as it sits too low 
to drain into the pan.

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>I bought 9 quarts of Mobil 0W40, so I'd have an extra one left over.
> Ended up adding all 9.
> ~Scott S
> Andrew Schlueter wrote:
>>Ok I just read a consumer guide on the v8, it said that the 10 quarts of 
>>oil required was wrong in the book, but only 8.5qts are really needed….the 
>>last time I did an oil change I could have swore I used about 10qts, well 
>>soon as I order my new filter, I will find out.
>>Also noticed this, maybe this is a dead topic, I know it has come up a few 
>>times. My v8 only has oily smoke from the tail pipe when it is above 45ish 
>>outside. If it is colder, then no smoke.
>>Andrew W. Schlueter
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