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 "Tony and Lillie" <tonyandlillie1 at earthlink.net> writes:

> Oh, and yes, Audi did a TSB stating that the oil change required 8.5 
> quarts.  The system holds 10, but you can't empty the oil cooler, as it
> too low to drain into the pan.

V8Q #1 takes just about 10 qts (early 1989 build.)  Like Yogi once said,
it's Deja Vu all over again....the longer you're on any mailing list. ;-p

Here is the actual TSB on the subject, verbatim: 

Subject: Engine-Revised Engine Oil Capacity 
Revised Procedure  Group 17, Number 90-01

When servicing Audi V8 models it should be noted that the correct amount
of engine oil should be added when changing the engine oil and oil
filter.  The factory has changed the recommended engine oil capacity. 
The correct amount during an oil change (with oil filter) is now 8.5
quarts (8.0 liters)  of motor oil v/s the previously recommended 10.0
quarts, (9.5 liters).

The new recommended procedure is to fill the crankcase with 8.5 quarts
(8.0 liters) engine oil, start the engine and bring to normal operating
temperatures.  Then turn off the engine and check the oil level with the
dipstick.  Add oil if necessary.

Note:  Corrections to the applicable repair manuals, and owners manuals
will be forthcoming.

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