[V8] V8 front bumper removal...for timing belt.

Tony and Lillie tonyandlillie1 at earthlink.net
Thu Mar 22 10:10:23 EDT 2007

Yes, the bumper removal is very easy, once the inside (two) PITA bolts have 
been removed and thrown away. The harder part of the front end is the 
radiator/headlight support. Still not difficult enough that I'd consider 
doing a TB without removing it.

Tony Hoffman

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> That's what did, kinda simple
> Andrew W. Schlueter

> Ah, tell me if I'm wrong, but we unplugged the costal connector for all 
> the wiring on the bumper (lights, horns, etc.), three bolts on each side 
> for the bumper shocks, and pulled the whole unit off.  Took ~10 minutes.
> Carter
> ns welcome! 

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