[V8] dreaming v8

Steve Kramer skramer at mac.com
Fri Mar 23 15:23:38 EDT 2007

I had a dream about getting my v8 working last night. It was working again 
so it leads me to think it may be possible.  my v8 hasn't beeen driving for 
over a year. however, i did get it running last week.

per my previous posts someone told me that the throttle is found under the 
airbox.  right now pressing the accelerator doesn't do anyhting - much less 
move.  seems something is in the way.

secondly, if i get that remedied, my v8 isn't shifting.  My v8 has a long 
shift point from 1st to 2nd after it had been started.  others say that if 
it was working before possibility that fluid may have to be changed. it was 
changed back in 2004 probably 60k miles ago.

your help would be appreciated.

Steve Kramer
1990 v8q

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