[V8] Leaking heads

Tony and Lillie tonyandlillie1 at earthlink.net
Fri Mar 23 23:12:41 EDT 2007

Mine doesn't leak at all now. I did the VC gaskets, the front crank seal, 
the dizzy and housing seals. And, I welded the seeping oil pan. Use a new 
drain plug and washer each time I change the oil, but that's another story.

However, used to be "Your engine is on fire!!" etc, etc...........

Tony Hoffman
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>I think all V8's will have the smoking oil gun issue, probably sooner than
> later. My car it was 3-4 years from new, head gaskets done by the dealer,
> and it has leaked on me from the day I got it at just 115K km's. Now with
> 185K it's the Exxon Valdez. Tell-tale slick where ever I park.
> Well not that bad, but seems like it when starting from cold & colder. In
> fact for a full winter's driving I've added only a liter of oil.
> The oil pipe or port from the block to the heads. One is on the back side 
> of
> the driver's side, and front side passenger sealed by the head gasket. As
> you guys know, it doesn't take much to leak oil and it doesn't take much 
> oil
> to smoke out a V8.
> One clue - is the leak oil pressure/revs related? I ran 0W30 and my leak 
> was
> much less (less oil pressure). I still have to torque my passenger side 
> up.
> Maybe can hold things off for another year.
> Joe Hazelwood

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