[V8] Touchy Throttle

Ed Kellock ekellock at gmail.com
Wed Mar 28 18:47:01 EDT 2007

Right in the front and middle of the engine, but down a bit.

if you look at the big plastic cover, then look forward, there is a
small black square plate.  Forward of that is a black cylinder that is
offset just a bit to the passenger side.  Just below that is the
switch.  It's a black plastic box about 2 inches square with a large
electrical connector attached to it from the passenger side.  The
switch (box) is tilted a little bit toward the bottom of the engine,
which makes it real fun to get at the screws.  There are 2 screws that
secure it and these must be loosened a bit to be able to rotate the
switch body to adjust the closed throttle position.  The screws are
philips head (if still the stock original screws) and can be corroded
or otherwise buggered and hard to break loose.  If you remove the
black cylinder above the switch (the ISV, idle stabilizer valve), you
get a little better access.  You'll need a 10mm wrench to remove the
cylinder.  A short screwdriver is a must to get the TPS screws loose.
I think I ended up using some small pipe wrench pliers on one of mine
once.  I replaced those screws with small hex bolts for better/more
positive manipulation.


On 3/28/07, Daniel Sherwood <Daniel.Sherwood at halliburton.com> wrote:
> Can someone please tell me where the TPS is located on my 90 V8
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