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Thu Mar 29 12:50:12 EDT 2007

I just picked up a '91 with close to 200k for $750. Needed a battery and a coolant line that runs into the heater core. Other than that the he said it ran like a charm. We'll see what happens once I get it running. I would love to are the value go up, but I think our cars are so obscure it won't happen other than just between the select few that have chosen this path. Would be nice though.

Thank you,

Lanier Pratt

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I was sitting in my V8 last night at the MacDonalds window to pick up my
order (OK, I admit that I eat this s**t from time to time.)  As the guy at
the window took my $3.00, he causally remarked:  "I drive that car, too."

My first reaction was to give him a dollar tip, as I felt his pain.
However, common sense quickly set in and I kept the dollar, as I reminded
myself that I too have that exact same pain.

He told me he picked it up for $1200 and it has 130K miles.  I looked over
my right shoulder and saw the vehicle.  Outside looked good.  I wondered if
the inside is cluttered with MacDonalds wrappers and stale fries.

The only problem he has is a hydraulic leak.  This could mean anything,
including bad gas mileage.  I recommeded him to my mechanic at German Motor
Sports on S. 8th Street.  He said he visits them from time to time to buy
hydraulic fluid.

$1200.  That's my report from the field.  Back to you, Ed.

-- Brad

1990 V8

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