[V8] Brake Question - Braided lines

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This has been discussed in depth on the Quattro list. The general consensus 
seems to be for the street go with standard lines, for the track or a mix 
car, run braided. A lot of track guys change their braided lines every year, 
so as to not worry about failure.

They are stiffer, and I think in the long run this makes them more prone to 
failure. Just my random thoughts.........

BTW, I have braided lines on the fromt of my car, and I noticed NO 
difference in pedal feel or brake modulation when I made the switch. Next 
time, I'll go back to stock.

However, on a car that old, I'd say it's probably a good idea to replace all 
four with something new :)

Tony Hoffman

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> Speaking of brakes, my rear brake hose tore open yesterday. I'm getting a 
> replacement this morning but the thought came to mind, how about steel 
> braided lines? Does anybody know where to find these and are they worth 
> the money and labor to put them in?
> Thank You
> Tomas 

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