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Wed Mar 7 20:46:28 EST 2007

take this coolant, but my 1991 calls for the Zerex G-05 "yellow"
In talking to the people at the radiator shop (who just tested
my rad), they always revert any car back to the good old green stuff if
they can - meaning complete flush out if customer lets them do it.
Same for the trusted VW/Audi shop I talk to.

If I go factory,
the book says G-11, but it looks like that superceded to G-12 (which seems
to be very much like dex-cool, and then to G-12+ which seems to be very
much like Zerex G-05. (and - no - I don't know why the naming scheme seems
so similar from Zerex (made by Valvoline) and VAG. The G-12 seems to have
had problems - just like GM is having with its dex-cool. There is a big
class action lawsuit over that one.
This G-05 seems to be closely
related to the old green stuff, but lasts longer.

To complicate
matters, it seems G11 is superceded with G-48 which seems to be branded
"Glysantin" and made by - wait for it - Zerex, and the major
difference is a little more silicate in the G-05.

So - I am
leaning toward the Zerex G-05 unless you all can talk me down.
I want
to avoid the OEM stuff just because I want to be able to get emergency
coolant anywhere, and mixing the wrong coolants anymore causes big
problems quickly.



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