[V8] Oil Leak

d saad dsaad at icehouse.net
Wed May 2 10:53:54 EDT 2007

I would say the first step is to clean it up good, but the front of the
valve cover has a "D" plug that likes to leak, and the cover
gasket itself too. If these are OEM or just old, they get hard. Pretty
cheap and easy to replace the valve cover gaskets - you may as well just
do this on both sides.

My next choice would be all the various
sensors down there. They aren't cheap so just replacing them all will cost
you, but it is fairly easy. After you clean it up good, maybe you can get
a better idea if they are leaking badly. I believe one or more of mine
leak at least a little.
There is also a gasket for the sensor
housing/flange to the block.

The oil cooler hoses also have an
o-ring seal that is cheap and easy to replace. Hopefully the hoses are
still OK.

Next, you have to look at the timing cover gaskets
and seals. This requires a timing belt removal - so wait if you can till
the next belt change. A leak here would in most cases drain out the bottom
of the timing cover at the front of the motor.

And - worst case
would be the head gasket. IMHO, it would be silly to not do a valve job at
that point, and then if you are as silly as me, you can throw in some new
rings too.
What the heck - right? it is just money...


> One of my '90 V8's (auto) has recently
developed an oil leak....enough to
> lightly coat some of the
right side of undercarriage....and the exhaust
> (leading to some
additional fumes).  It' s probably going through close to
> a
quart every 400 miles now.....a precipitous increase....it's obviously
> not a gusher....at least not yet
> I haven't yet
cleaned up the region to more accurately pinpoint the
source....but I will.  I thought that I would ask other listers about
> their experiences first........perhaps someone else has had a
> problem???
> The leak is coming from
the region entailing the oil cooler thermostat
> housing, oil temp
and oil pressure sensors.........I think that the
> braided lines
to the cooler are OK.  Has anyone had trouble with oil leaks
from this region?
> Car is otherwise running
well.....at 215 000 miles.....the middle muffler
> needs
replacing, come to think of it.
> Thanks,
> Gunter
> Northern Ontario during the week....upstate NY on
the weekends...I rely on
> this car to get me back and
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