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Audi specified there own brand because back in the day, there was no such 
thing as phosphat and silcate free antifreez. Not so today. Al
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> Just like the recent oils thread, why would you use something other than 
> what Audi specified for its cooling systems?  I purchase Autobahn brand 
> phosphate-free blue coolant from the dealer.  It costs half again as much 
> as the standard green crap from FLAPS.  Not much of an additional expense 
> (considering the cost of fuel today) for something you use a gallon or so 
> of every two-three years.  I buy several gallons at a time (five operable 
> Audis in the yard) and always carry some in each trunk.  It is completely 
> compatible with the green stuff in an emergency.
> d saad <dsaad at icehouse.net> wrote:
> I was using Zerex 5-year orange coolant. I think it is similar to
> "dex-cool".
> The inside of my motor looks fine - no scale or
> buildup or corrosion, and the radiator is also still good, and not plugged
> up at 150K miles. However, I began to wonder why the head gasket failed
> the way it did.
> From the Zerex web site, newer Audis do in fact
> take this coolant, but my 1991 calls for the Zerex G-05 "yellow"
> stuff.
> In talking to the people at the radiator shop (who just tested
> my rad), they always revert any car back to the good old green stuff if
> they can - meaning complete flush out if customer lets them do it.
> Same for the trusted VW/Audi shop I talk to.
> If I go factory,
> the book says G-11, but it looks like that superceded to G-12 (which seems
> to be very much like dex-cool, and then to G-12+ which seems to be very
> much like Zerex G-05. (and - no - I don't know why the naming scheme seems
> so similar from Zerex (made by Valvoline) and VAG. The G-12 seems to have
> had problems - just like GM is having with its dex-cool. There is a big
> class action lawsuit over that one.
> This G-05 seems to be closely
> related to the old green stuff, but lasts longer.
> To complicate
> matters, it seems G11 is superceded with G-48 which seems to be branded
> "Glysantin" and made by - wait for it - Zerex, and the major
> difference is a little more silicate in the G-05.
> So - I am
> leaning toward the Zerex G-05 unless you all can talk me down.
> I want
> to avoid the OEM stuff just because I want to be able to get emergency
> coolant anywhere, and mixing the wrong coolants anymore causes big
> problems quickly.
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