[V8] Theoretical question

Roger M. Woodbury rmwoodbury at adelphia.net
Sat May 5 10:47:33 EDT 2007

Ok, ok, ok, ok.  Suppose you were in a quandary about your faithful but
extremely well worn Audi 200 20-valve Avant Quattro.  And let's say that you
have already acknowledged that the car is going to have to have another
bunch of stuff in order to continue to be the faithful, irreplaceable daily
driver that it is beyond, oh, say, July 31st, which is the drop dead date
mandated by the state's inspection requirement.

Now, the particulars are that the car has had lavished on it quite a lot of
mechanical work over the past three years, and runs exceptionally well.  But
despite the mechanical work, mechanical problems persist.  On top of that
the car is really looking a bit long in the tooth.  It has had a less than
easy life, living almost all of it's 185,000 miles in New England.  

Now, let's say for openers that there is this very nice looking Audi
20-valve Avant that is available.   Cosmetically the car appears to have
NONE of the issues that the current daily driver has.  The car is box
stock...no ecu stuff, and is basically a one owner, well cared for car that
is cosmetically perfect...or nearly so.  

And let's say that the subject model is really the ONLY model that the
current driver will even consider.  As in, "I'd rather walk than drive
almost any other car of this type as a daily driver".  

And let's say that the subject car is from a part of the world notorious for
cars NOT developing rust and corrosion in the body or undercarriage.  

The question is:  how many miles is simply too many.  

Would you, oh haughty members of the V8 Quattro (and by qualifications of
association, qualified to make reference to the 20 Valve Type 44 as well),
draw the line at Two hundred thousand miles?  Two hundred fifty thousand
miles?  THREE hundred thousand miles?  

And let's surmise that the price is pretty good, all things considered?  



(starting to look for a stablemate for the next V8 Quattro in my garage.
And for those of you who have been following the saga, it appears that a
deal is nearing for the sale of some commercial real estate owned, and
therefore, the search may heat up in the next six or eight weeks....)

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