[V8] The Audi S5: A $59000 NOPE!

Roger M. Woodbury rmwoodbury at adelphia.net
Sat May 12 08:18:37 EDT 2007

I just read the review of the S5 on line.  I disagreed with almost
everything said about the car in the article.  I must be getting old.  

To begin with, the profile of the car looked just like what Toyota would
produce if they produced a two door coupe and took pictures of it just after
it returned from the NTSA Frontal Crash tests.  The blunt nose on what Audi
is producing today is a design element for which I have no word...other than
stupid, perhaps.

The ass end of the thing looks like something that Chris Bangle would be
proud.  Why did Audi think that it needed to make the ass end of this coupe
look like something that BMW's design committee would reject?

Overall, the thing looks just sort of Japanesee, to me.  Like one night good
old Oke, the night janitor in some Yokohama design studio took an hour or
two off from sweeping the floors, and sat at the designers table.  I can see
him now, munching on rice balls, and scribbling furiously until, voila!
There appeared something that became the Audi S5!

And all this wonderous design swooping and scupting, plus enough electronic
gizzies to make the car unserviceable except at some big city dealership at
$300 per hour?  I don't think so.

Me.  I will continue to pursue the idea of buying another V8, and renovating
it for another 100,000 miles.  Despite the amount of electronics already in
one of the things, at about five grand, with another five grand ready for
retrofit, the car has lines that are pretty much ageless, at least to my
eyes.  And even if I do change the wheels to 16 inchers, the cost of tires
will not begin to approach those big rubber donuts on the S5.  My insurance
premiums will be nothing by comparison, and the tax collector will ask if I
am single handedly trying to bankrupt the town by not buying an expensive
car for them to tax.

Oh...one big drawback, of course:  I won't have nearly as many cupholders as
the guy driving the S5 has.  

Damn!  I hate it when I am only second best!


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