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One thing to keep in mind is that the X-pipe is intended to help with
scavenging; as the exhaust from one bank of calendars blows through the
x-pipe, it creates a siphon effect to help pull exhaust gases from the other
cylinder bank.

I like Tony's idea to increase flow, just be careful if you change the fluid
dynamics of the system by modifying the X.  :-)


- Jeremy

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I had thought about something similar in the past. Just not sure how much 
engineering into the engine Audi put that I would perhaps loose more than 
gain. Anyhow, here goes:

Wheil we had the exhaust system off a 3.6, we noticed the rear of the 
crossover pipe has bigger pipes than the front/mainfold area. So, for 
starters, I'd cut off the bottoms of the manifolds and cut the X-pipe. Use 
the X-pipe ends to put on the manifolds for more flow. Then, use the other 
side of the exhaust that mates to the x-pipe for the downpipes. From there, 
you have bigger exhaust than stock, and can do a custom setup after that. 
I'd still do some type of X- or H- pipe so you will have an accurate reading

from the O2 sensor. Two high flow cats (Jegs and Summit are both pretty 
cheap), two glasspack mufflers for space reasons, and straight pipes after 
that. It would be lighter and have more flow than a stock system.

Hope this helps stir the collective mind,
Tony Hoffman

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> So all this talk has me thinking.  So if the rear mufflers are already
> gone on my V8q, how can I free up some more ponies?  Has any one ever
> tried to install a new crossover pipe and newer designed cats?  I
> already had planned a totally sick system for my Coupe with a V8, but
> why should it get the only trick exhaust?
> So I was thinking, go get some turbo wrap and wrap my spare headers, get
> cracking on fabin' a new x-over and installing a O2 bung, and get a pair
> of metallic Cats.  Any one on here with BTDT or am I stepping into the
> dark again? (If I am damn it why can't I learn to live with something
> simple?)
> Thanks
> Sean 

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