[V8] Timing Belt Change...wish me luck.

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I'll add  a third to that. As I said, it is possible. However, nothing broke 
on me,  and I still would never do the job with the front end on. But, to 
each  their own...........

Tony Hoffman

As long as we are on the topic... I'm getting ready for this job myself and  
I noted a couple of weeks ago that someone said that there is a large "Costal" 
 connector in the harness that simplifies the removal of the front end.  I  
looked around the LF fender area and the LF fender where it meets the core  
support and didn't see any large electrical disconnect in the harness.  Did  I 
miss it?  Do all the V8s have the disconnect?
TIA. Craig Nicol
90 V8 97k
95 S6 Avant

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