[V8] The Audi S5: A $59000 NOPE!

cobram at juno.com cobram at juno.com
Mon May 14 15:09:34 EDT 2007

"Roger M. Woodbury" <rmwoodbury at adelphia.net> writes:

> The 1956 Chrysler vehicles had an optional record player which 
> mounted under
> the center of the dashboard.  The unit played 45 rpm records and I 

Borrowing from the subject line...NOPE.  The record player installed in
the Imperials was the "betamax" of it's day, a proprietary vinyl that
wouldn't play 45's, and the records for the system wouldn't play on a
normal record player.  Original records for those players are like hens

RCA did make an after market 45 rpm car record player, but the thing was
so unreliable it didn't last long.  Mercedes also offered a rather
sophisticated unit for it's 600 limo back in the day.  I've only ever
seen one, the platter itself was the motor and it would play everything
from 78's to LP's.  The German unit still worked perfectly, surprise,
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