[V8] new radiator price?

d saad dsaad at icehouse.net
Mon May 14 16:03:02 EDT 2007

I was not aware there was more than one choice for aftermarket. The dealer
price was something like $650.
Is your new radiator brass/copper or
Does Bruce have the real OEM units?

it is brass, and it is made as bad as the brass heater core I used a few
years ago, it is no wonder you get no cooling. The heater core had a small
fraction of the cooling fins the OEM unit had, and before it sprang a leak
(due to electrolysis I guess), it was barely able to heat the car up on a
cold day. It just did not give up any heat to the air flow. The aluminium
replacement works just fine - but it stunk for a long time. Probably until
all the toxic melamine burned off I guess. It was made in China after
Given that, I guess I may as well get the real OEM unit since I
will end up there eventually anyway.


> I got mine for $250 a year ago. It's the
aftermarket, cut to fit deal. If
> I
> were to do it over
again, I'd get the factory rad from Bruce. This one
> won't
> cool the car properly at outside temps over 100, and I had to run
> heater
> when it was 107 in the desert pulling hills
with the boat on the back. Not
> fun at all.
I can only use the A/C up to about 80 outside.
Anyhow, worth the extra $$ if you want the right part. And, metal
> have risen significantly in the last year or so as
> Tony Hoffman
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>> I need to replace my radiator.
What is the going price
>> for these?
>> I got a
quote for about $350, but that sounds a little
>> high.
>> ???
>> Dave

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