[V8] Timing Belt-Carlisle is slipping away

Ron Wainwright ron_01056 at yahoo.com
Tue May 15 23:16:46 EDT 2007

I agree with Kneale. You should just be able to
squeeze one in there.
 I've had one so rounded one time I had to drill it

 & some words of advise.....when you get to the point
of removing the WP bolts.....use a good sharp T-30
torx. You may want to use an extension with the torx
bang the end of the extension with a hammer to losen
up the crud that is inside the threaded holes.
 Use a 3/8th's drive & when you start to losen use
extream inward force/pressure so the torx is inside
the bolt end. & don't stop once you start to losen.
Those bolts/screws are very....soft!

 Just take your time & if there's any problems...well
you know :-)


--- Lanier Pratt <lanierpratt at mac.com> wrote:

> Ok guys.  Tony and Ron have been amazing help.  I
> have now hit a  
> snag.  While attempting to take out the very last
> 12mm bolt that is  
> left in the passenger side timing belt cover I
> stripped it.  I've had  
> a few suggestions thus far including grinding a flat
> head slot in the  
> bolt to be removed with a slotted screw driver or
> simply grind off  
> the bolt head.  Any other ideas before I proceed to
> do damage to the  
> bolt?
> Lanier Pratt
> '92 V8Q 4.2L
> '90 V8Q 3.6L
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