[V8] Ah...the TR's...

Maurice Greven maurice.greven at verizon.net
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My experience in the Triumph world was to own two 1965 Triumph Heralds.
Quite an odd little bugger. With the mighty 6 gallon gas tank I could fill
up for under $2 and go for about 250 miles. You gotta love that 9' turning
radius though.. (the front wheels would go "almost" 90 degrees at full
lock.. Made parallel parking a snap.

I think every young man should own at least one British car, as you learn
many invaluable things, like doing a quickie valve job on the side of the
road, changing transmissions like they were disposable. With a Triumph, I
found that you have to keep creative if you want to keep driving. Nothing
like a Lucas positive ground car in a negative ground world. I had to mount
my stereo inside of a cut open inner tube to keep it isolated. It moved once
after quite a bump in the road and smoked.  Hey I was 17, I didn't know what
fuses were really for....

Just reminiscing, 

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Tomas wrote:

>I had a 72' British Racing Green TR6, Lucas elctric, need I say more.<


Lucas, Prince of Darkness!  My first car was a '69 BRG MGB roadster.
Driving it home, my buddy who had taken me to pick it up got within three
feet of my bumper and stayed there.  It was dusk, the taillights had gone
out, and there was a police car behind him.


I parked that car on a hill for a month until I could afford to fix the
starter, which had engaged while driving and trashed the Bendix before I
shut it down.


Got a million of those..



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