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d saad dsaad at icehouse.net
Fri May 18 14:52:30 EDT 2007

Yes it is a 5 speed.
I wonder what the difference is - there is no
way to get the bolts for the shield off or to get the drain plug out with
the exhaust in place on my car.
I could have used the fill plug if
the car was higher off the ground, but I had to get it off the ramps to
drain the oil, and I did not want to start it up again to put it back on
the ramps because it was late, I had the exhaust off, and I like my
neighbors. So it was either wait until today or get creative. 

This pressure bottle I used is the perfect tool - it has a flexible
plastic wand with a on/off valve, and a long reach. It has been
re-purposed as my diff and tranny oiler. I think they are pretty cheap


> This is a 5 speed
> I did this long ago on mine without removing
the x-pipe and there is a
> top filler hole.  I do recal having to
remove the cv shield.
> For filling I used a baby
bath/shower hose/sprayer that has on one end
> a rubber
contraption that you can fit over the kitchen faucet.
The hose has a good diameter to flow the thick stuff, especially if
> you warm it slightly somehow, and the faucet "adapator"
fits nicely
> over most all the diff juice bottles I've ever
> Fro the rear diff, the hose is long enough to
route through the wheel
> well on the appropriate side of the car
(passenger side?) and you can
> just sit or stand beside the car
normally and squeeze the diff juice
> into the diff.  Be careful
with this though, I did make a serious mess
> once when I was in a
hurry.  (Even clean diff oil smells nasty).
> Ed
> On 5/18/07, d saad <dsaad at icehouse.net> wrote:
>> It is done.
>> The V8
has risen from the grease and carbon flakes
>> again!
>> I got the new radiator installed and transmission
>> changed last night. The oil was a PITA, but I am glad I
did it.
>> Immediately I noticed a difference in shifting. It
seems much easier and
>> smoother. At this point, I do not
recommend redline oil. Go with the
>> G0005.
>> The radiator was a little disappointing in that the bolt
>> holes for the top mounts and the A/C cooler did not line up
perfectly. I
>> did not think it was a big deal, but forcing
the rubber mounts into the
>> top holes caused one of them
(rubber mount) to tear loose. Probably not
>> a
big deal, but I have to wonder why. Same for the A/C cooler - I had to
>> slightly force it to fit on the radiator. This is the real
German OEM
>> item
>> too.
>> I had to remove the cross pipe and axle dust shield to get
>> the drain plug out. The good part was I had to drive the car
off the
>> ramps
>> with the headers open! Man that
sounds fun. You would have thought it
>> was
>> some
big American V8.
>> Now, with the oil out, I had to figure out
>> to get it back in. I ended up using a garden fertilizer
pressure tank
>> and
>> blowing the oil down the top
oil cooler hose. I did not spill a drop
>> this
way. In hind site, I probably could have sucked it out the bottom hose
>> too. Maybe next time.
>> So now this
job is finally 100% done, it
>> is running great, and I don't
want to twist another bolt for a long
>> time.
>> Dave
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