[V8] anyone need parts at carlisle?

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Fri May 18 15:55:59 EDT 2007

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From: Ron Wainwright 

> Yah the car still runs great & the ABT chip I added
> makes it way more responsive...just
> one day last week while going to work I came up on
> some HW traffic & downshifted to 4th & noticed a big
> puff of smoke from behind. Downshifted to 3rd & it was
> comming out consistantley. So bad I pulled off the HW.
> It's eather VS seals,ect...or rings. Happened all of
> a sudden mind you. Motors got 215k.
Bummer.. I know how you feel.

Since you're free this weekend you want to come over and finish the 4.2 install? .... Oops, sorry can't do that either, I'm off to Carlisle also. :-) Sorry I couldn't resist. :-)

Say, if your V8 is sidelined do you want to bring over the ABT chip and see how it works in the 4.2 when we finish up?


p.s. I have to thank Chris for showing me the Carlisle thread on Motorgeek, the last two pages are  hilarious.

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