[V8] Went to Carlisle!!! Awesome!!!

Enzeder enzeder at comcast.net
Sat May 19 19:55:14 EDT 2007

What a blast!!!  Met Dave C and Tony H and George T (and son Chris 
w/5kTQ)) and a bunch of other Audi nuts.  There were all sorts of 
machines from a two stroke DKW and Wankle NSU to a '72 100 Coupe to 
4k's (one w/20v turbo) to urQ's (two w/20v turbo) to urS4/6 to A/S4's 
to Allroads to an RS4.  Four V8's showed.  I heard someone say there 
were 100 Audi's, but I didn't count.  I'm hooked.

At 09:48 AM 5/18/2007, Coleman, David wrote:
>DaveC and Tony are en route
>David A. Coleman
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>I'm still going (rain or shine). Should be ariving today around 3-4pm
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> > The V8's seem to be dropping like flies... first Lanier and now
> > Ron...  I was looking forward to putting faces to these names...
> > C'est la vie.

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