[V8] Alignment specs

d saad dsaad at icehouse.net
Tue May 22 10:53:02 EDT 2007

I always print the specs from the bently and hand them to the tech at the
tire shop.
I am now starting to go back over their work and
re-tighten bolts to factory specs. It does not matter how many times you
ask - they are going to do what they always do. If they over or under
tighten important parts, they may slip or even break.
I still have to
stand there while they put my car on the rack for a tire rotation to make
sure the fool does not smash in the floor pan. This is the one area where
I can not DIY - and I hate it. You are totally at the mercy of some idiot
who just learned the trade this week.

If they ruined a set of
tires, I would not be bashful in asking for replacements.

And -
to partially answer your question - are your sub-frame bushings good, and
bolts properly torqued?


> I did many new front suspension (and rear) pieces so an alignment
was in
> order.  1,000 miles later I'm really wearing my front
tires on the inner
> edges.  Neg camber problem.   Car goes down
the road straight with no
> pulls
> what so ever.  I pull
out the alignment measurements on the print out and
> all seem in
spec.   Then I look at the Car model and it says 90 Quattro!
They aligned the V8 on 90 specs.  Interestingly only one front is
> 'technically' out of proper spec (and the 2 rears slightly) and the
> front just in, but even it is noticeably worn.  Tires and
rims are stock.
> Does any one have a preferred alignment spec
other than in the middle of
> the specified ranges for the V8?
> thx
> Mike
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