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Wed May 23 09:56:54 EDT 2007

--- "Coleman, David" <David.Coleman at blackrock.com>

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> > Guys, A larger rim doesn't have to mean more
> rotating mass or 
> > larger diameter wheel.  The trick to going with
> larger rims, 
> > is to keep the overall diameter of the wheel as
> close to 
> > stock as possible....
> But of course... I/we was referring to the tire's
> ratio (55% of 225) as
> being too tall, which made the overall (wheel/tire
> combo) diameter too
> big by about 7 mm -- not the wheel's 1" increase in
> diameter itself.
> Andrew's MPG and performance issues likely stem from
> both an overall
> diameter increase (adversely affecting final drive)
> and the tire's
> taller sidewall itself (adversely affecting the
> stability).   This is
> all in comparison to, as you state, the OE's overall
> 15" wheel/tire 25"
> diameter...
> Regarding rotating mass, however, just about any
> larger wheel will
> result in an increase here.  First, you're moving a
> good bit of rotating
> mass further away from the axle (increasing angular
> momentum and more
> inertia to overcome).  Second, larger wheels
> typically weigh more than
> smaller ones, as does the required larger tire. 
> After correcting the
> sidewall ratio for the larger wheel, a 16" tire will
> still weigh more
> than the same tire in 15".
> Something else to consider is that your braking
> capability hasn't really
> been affected due to the stickier rubber and
> increased contact patch of
> your current setup.  Better gription offsetting more
> rotating mass...
> PS:  It was great meeting you this past weekend.  I
> didn't notice your
> wheels were 18", which is too bad since I'm likely
> headed in that
> direction myself, and woulda taken a closer look.  
> I have couple pics
> of our two cars side by side; I'll have to download
> asap!
> -davec.
 Oh Dave, Allen's going to LOVE to see some more shots
of your beautifull freaking car next to his..hey Allan

 & Dave, get the rims I have ;-)

 Ron mit 8 8 5 & loving it

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