[V8] UFO screw

Chuck Pierce cpcycle at earthlink.net
Sun Nov 4 22:32:05 PST 2007

My BMW's have a set screw to hold the rotors on place also.
I touch the threads with a dab of anti seize to prevent
them from getting stuck.

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>On Nov 4, 2007, at 12:44 PM, Kneale Brownson wrote:
>>   So I'm concerned about having to replace a wheel on the road if a  
>> tire problem developed, especially in the dark of night with  
>> traffic whizzing by.
>I stopped using the set screws a few years ago.  I never found it to  
>be a significant burden to align the rotor, hub, and wheel, IMHO.  I  
>wouldn't sweat it, unless there's some purpose to the screw besides  
>making wheel installation easier.  I just put a wheel on, align it to  
>the rotor (easy to do, the rotor spins pretty freely), and then spin  
>the two together until a lug bolt I'm pressing pops into the hub a bit.
>But, most of the time it was with the luxury of time, some light, and  
>a driveway :-)
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