[V8] 1990 V8 3.6 missed

tlastre01 at sprintpcs.com tlastre01 at sprintpcs.com
Sun Nov 11 10:10:29 PST 2007

Do not sell your V8. I repeat do not sell your V8. I used to hang out here once in a while when I had my 1990 V8 3.6. I bought a 1999 A8 which is a wonderful car but I miss my V8. My V8 was a cruder and more communicative vehicle, it was easier to toss around, due to shorter wheelbase. I also miss the way the 3.6 motor would zing into the red line zone. My A8 has more power but it's not as fun, the motor does not rev as freely. If I had to do it again I would have kept my V8, I guess I'm not ready for the cushiness the A8 is about.
Missing my V8,
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