[V8] snow tire time...

Ron Wainwright ron_01056 at yahoo.com
Thu Nov 15 12:05:16 PST 2007

I use Nokian WR's on my 17's for Winter use. I've had
them for two years...1st put on my ol Pearl Auto beast
& they handled great in the snow, slush, dry
 I got the Blk 5sp last X-Ma$$ & put them on & they
were OK....I would go with a more agressive Winter
tire for the 5sp..an RSI or something. The WR's are
more an all season tire but the syping/material is
categorized as a Winter tire.

 I all so used Blizzaks on my wife's ol POS A6qA.
195/65/15 on my ol Silver Urk fuch's, nice tire, quiet
on dry pavemnent, & the most importaint thing was they
were FREE. They were on a set of steelies from a Urs4
I parted.

 So to compair cost between the two is stupid
 I can tell you the Nokians were expensive. I bought
mine through Waukegan(sp?) tire in WI I think...I got
in on a Subie group buy that a few //scar friend was
doing. Still cost bout $130 each....but those were for
17 inch.
 But there is a guy on the mother (quattro) list..Greg
somethingorother.....he's the guy to get in touch with
for Nokians. He's a distributor.


--- diemarthadie at aol.com wrote:

> Ok, so we go through this every year, but lets do it
> again...? Any new success stories or testing done of
> new tires?? I know there's a new Blizzak and another
> Michelin, and I'm very interested in Nokians.?
> Anyone got a reasonably priced source for Nokians??
> I've seen good reviews for them in rain as well
> which is encouraging since my northeastern
> experiences have had way more rain and slush/ice
> lately than snow.? Arctic Alpins were not great for
> me - better on dry, not very good on snow or wet.?
> Eagle HP was better in wet and ok on snow.? Blizzak
> WS-50 has been very good on snow/ice/slush, decent
> on wet, squirmy on dry.? I'm not looking for a
> 'performance' tire but a good winter season tire.
> Thoughts?
> Once upon a time I started a wiki on this but ...
> John
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