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THANKS! I totally forgot about the waywayback machine!? So cool!? I found the originally page I did for my old company long ago - man it sucked :)

I love the internet archive page!

Dan may have a copy of the old wiki somewhere, but if not you probably found the easiest solution...

You haven't had hack issues with the PHPBB have you?? I'd heard some horror stories when I discussed doing that for my current work site.? You're running this on a Windows/Linux/Mac box?



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I'd be will to host and or help set it up. I currently run / host
www.justfourrings.com what's one more??? The JFR site sits on a
dedicated server connected to a pair of dedicated T1's so there's plenty
of bandwidth and space. I'm a MS guy and can do what needs to be done
for any IIS Implementation. The JFR site is a PHPBB2/mxBB (Apache/MySQL)
implementation, that although runs great, if it ever broke I'd be
screwed IYKWIM. 

So I'm game either way, Let me know what I can do.

Is there a way to recover the Wiki other than this:


For those of you who didn't know about the "way way back" machine, now
you can say you've learned something today ;-)


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