[V8] wiki

Scott Phillips Scottp at ippe.com
Thu Nov 15 19:53:04 PST 2007


No hack issues, we put a lot of mods inplace to combat it and spam
before we went live. Granted we still get spam users registering (but
they can't post), but only because we didn't want to make it too
difficult and verify the email address. The server also sits behind a
PIX firewall and we're only open to port 80 traffic (no FTP at all). The
console sits next to my desk so if we need to make changes it's no big

If there was a problem Marc Swanson (put 034/MotorGeek together) is a
user and offered help if we needed it ;-)

There is a publicly avail private install of a twiki out there that
might fit the bill nicly (http://twiki.org/ ) that way it becomes public
domain, like that tool should be where all the users could openly
comment and improve it. Anyone have thoughts on this

www.audiv8kb.com or www.audiv8wiki.com are available ;-)


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