[V8] Electrical starting gremlins

Ed Kellock ed.kellock at msn.com
Sat Nov 17 12:41:04 PST 2007

There's a junction box on the outside of the passenger side frame rail
below and I think a bit aft of the windshield wiper bottle.  I went
through some similar trial and error steps before finding this.  One of
the connections was loose and had arc'ed enough to cause some build-up of
crud.  Once I cleaned that all up and got it snug, all was well.


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> This has me pulling my hair out.  The V8 has finally stranded
> me, 2 weeks ago.
> Turn the ignition switch and nothing, well not quite nothing,
> you can hear the relays clicking.  The load reduction, the
> tranny relay and the relay 'near' the SEM switch in the
> center console. I swapped out the standard Bosch relays to
> see if they were at fault, same deal.  After a number of
> cycles of the ig switch the relays stopped clicking. There
> was no degradation of starting effort, or ig switch fumbling
> etc.  It always worked fine, then nothing.  Good dry weather
> etc.  (fun getting a car on ramps that won't start, it took
> me a week!) Though only ~70K on the car I assumed the
> starter. All is fairly clean under there for 17 years old, I
> assume the starter is original.  Audi covered the starter
> copper ground wire with a shield so helpful but probing it
> and I guess it as as green as most.  Initially The wire to
> the starter from the ig switch showed 8V.  When I jumpered
> the solenoid with a solid 12V and the car started as always
> no drama.  I rechecked the wire from the car and this time
> got 12V, I figured maybe I had a bad ground on the DMM
> before.  Plug everything back up and the car is fine through
> 10 immediate cycles and then leaves me dead again 2 days
> later.  (car never died while running) As I 'know' the
> starter/solenoid is OK I get a new ignition switch, no
> difference.  All the down stream electricals, as near as I
> can tell from Bentley, from the tranny relay all work with ig
> switch on, dash power, lights, etc. I tried to feed 12V to
> the 'out' of the auto tranny relay that Bentley shows feeding
> the starter solenoid and no luck.  I can't get under the car
> right now to run 12V directly to solenoid because of where it
> died.  Any BTDT?  Can this still be starter?  Any way to
> jumper 12V to the solenoid wire with out getting under the
> car, just so I can move it? Ideas welcomed!
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