[V8] Electrical starting gremlins

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Sat Nov 17 19:37:00 PST 2007

Agreed!  If any of you out there have not replaced the ignition switch
module on your car, do it now.  When the internal coiled spring breaks the
housing it causes the rotating part of the switch to operate off its
intended axis, which adds stress to the lock module ... which is the reason
the lock cylinder breaks.  Believe me, you really don't want to have to pull
the lock cylinder module on a V8!  The other thing that's a PITA about
having to replace the lock cylinder module is that you will have to live
with two different keys for one car ... unless you pay to have all the other
locks rekeyed to match the new ignition key.  I have pictures of the old
design (broken) and new design parts if anyone wants to see what I'm talking
about ...

I bought a replacement lock cylinder, which comes with a new switch module
... in my case the switch module was one of the old designs, and the
internal spring was already cracking the plastic housing ... on a "brand
new" full price, factory module!

I got the replacement switch module at a considerable discount on Audis
prices via a place I found selling Audi parts on eBay ...
foreigncarpartsonline ...

Steve B
San Jose, CA (USA)

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<SNIP>  Saving grace may be that the original ignition switch was starting
to fail mechanically.  When I removed it the internally molded spring mount
was broken and starting to deform.

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