[V8] Seat Heaters

Scott Simmons indischrot at gmail.com
Tue Nov 20 11:26:23 PST 2007

Kansas' Indian summer is over.  We had 60's to 80's the past few weeks, 
but today is the first day of reality.

At least three of the four seat heaters in my car are kaput due to open 
circuits in the butt-warmer.  I know there is a procedure for bypassing 
the back portion, but can one bypass the butt and retain the back heat?

The wiring diagrams show power coming in from control unit (relay?  
switch?) going to the connector under the seat, through the butt heater, 
to the connector under the seat, to the back  portion, to ground.

Could one use a jumper wire and connect the Black/Yellow power wire 
going to the butt portion to the Brown/Blue wire going to the back 

For reference, I'm looking at page 69 of the wiring diagrams, tracks 642 
- 644.

~Scott S.

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