[V8] The Audi Gods strike again

Roger Woodbury rmwoodbury at roadrunner.com
Tue Nov 20 15:18:23 PST 2007

No previous brake problem.  Since I drive this car infrequently, I am always
amazed at some of the tangible differences between this car and my normal
driver, The Old Gray Mare, a 1990 100 non-quattro.  

But as I have thought more about it since yesterday, I did think that the
brakes were really "soft", although I didn't think in driving it pre-failure
that there was anything really amiss.  In fact, except for the brake pedal
sinking to the floor with vastly diminished braking effect, nothing was
different.  NO warning lights of any kind, no ABS stuttering, no loss of
fluid, NOTHING.  Pumping the brakes makes the car stop.  But the pedal will
just go the floor no matter how much pumping is done.  Seems like a master
cylinder, but if there is a nitrogen bomb, it might be in the final stages
of total failure, too.


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I've had more than one nightmare about being in a vehicle and pushing 
the brakes, only to have nothing happen OR the dream car (ha) has only a 
small change in momentum.  Wife says it's about "feeling out of control 
of my life and where it's going."  I say that it's improper maintenance 
of dream cars.

Did the brakes give you trouble ever again?  i.e. on the way to the 

~Scott S.

Roger Woodbury wrote:

>Yesterday, I took my wife's '94 100CS to get its new registration and then
>to the wrench to evaluate the mysterious but familiar front end clunking
>that has become more and more annoying over the past few months.  While it
>was there, we did a complete analysis with more than disappointing totals:
>	1.  No, the tires won't go through the winter.
>	2.  Yes, there are some leaks, and both valve cover gaskets need to
>be replaced.
>	3.  Yes, the right rear control arm is bad...again:  less than
>20,000 miles.  Where did THAT part come from?  (Wrench is very pissed! This
>one is on him.).
>	4.  Suspension bushings in front are really toast.  Might be the
>source of the clunking sound on the rutted road.  No, I don't think so:  my
>nomination still goes to World Pac and their parts string.  We will
>have to replace the front strut bushings again, and this time will use OEM
>pieces from the stealership.
>	5.  Eventually we will have to do some seals...differential, and
>possibly rear main seal, but not yet.  Maybe transmission output shaft
>also, but not right now.  
>Then, on the way home, having made the appointment for the car to rest at
>the wrench's for at least two days, I stopped at the grocery store.  I
>decided that I NEEDED some vermouth to go with that bottle of Absolut that
>still had.  Out the grocery store parking lot, right turn onto Washington
>Street and down the steep little hill that "T"d at Water Street.  (Miss the
>stop, going fast enough, and you launch directly into the Union River with
>nothing, and I mean NOTHING in the way).  Brake pedal goes to the floor.
>I MEAN the brake pedal sinks with little change in vehicle momentum until I
>pumped the brake pedal furiously.  Then the car leisurely came to a stop.
>"Harumph," thought I.  "Haven't had that sensation in quite a long time.
>Must be a master cylinder."
>Called the wrench and reported it all when I got home.  Now the car is at
>the wrench's awaiting its space in the schedule...December 3rd...and I am
>driving the Big Black Truck and my wife is driving the Old Gray Mare.  And
>am rethinking the whole incident.
>I got no warning lights.  No ABS signal, and no lost coolant. One of the
>things that is on the schedule are all new rubber brake lines, because they
>are truly on the way out.  
>But I am wondering if there is a "bomb" on these cars...1994 Audi 100CS, or
>Type C4, as there is on the Type 44s?  
>Any hints? Mileage:  128,000.
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