[V8] Radiator Problem

Brad Hartman info at speakoutpro.com
Sat Nov 24 22:09:39 PST 2007

My upper radiator hose came off today.  Closer inspection revealed that the 
plastic connector/nipple at the top inner side of the radiator (approx. 
1-1/2 to 2 inches long) had broken off approx. 3/4 inch from the body of the 
radiator.  Luckily, I could still replace the hose, tighten the clamp and 
then limp home.  It held for 15 miles.

Here's the question:  Can I find some sort of clamp that will provide enough 
gripping power to keep the hose DEPENDABLY in place?  Again, the nipple that 
originally help the hose by clamp is now shorter.

Any recommendations ?


Brad  1990 V8 

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