[V8] Seat Belt Woes

Maurice Greven maurice.greven at verizon.net
Wed Nov 28 08:42:11 PST 2007

My '90 is giving me seat belt nightmares. It has done a lot of sitting in
the past couple of years (wife in a wheelchair is the primary cause of
that-the V8 is not a wheelchair friendly car unless you have a fold up
wheelchair.. I digress) - Anyways the driver's seat belt has been geeing
stuck so I can't pull it out. I have to lower the shoulder anchor point,
which allows it to retract an inch, then I can pull it back out. I had a
friend doing detail work on the car for me and he neglected to put the
shoulder point back up, so now there's no more down to relieve the belt and
we CANNOT get it out. Even removing the panel and fiddling with the catches
on the retractor will not allow it to come out.


The manual says this is related to the TENS (tension) system. But there has
been no collisions, etc that would have activated that system.


ANYONE???  Ideas?? BTDT???


We are at the point of getting an aftermarket belt system and putting it in
there- apart from the TENS system.




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