[V8] steering wheel swap & ETKA Q.

Ron Wainwright ron_01056 at yahoo.com
Wed Oct 10 05:57:15 PDT 2007

Hey Shayne, I fit a 95.5 airbaged 3 spoke sport wheel
in my Black 5spd. Allen has done the same with his
Black 4.2.....& if I remember correctley the REAL Dave
C had a 3 spoke airbaged sport wheel in his...what has
to be ONE of the nicest V8's in Der States...LOL 5spd
4.2 swap.
 But if you don't wanna go through the trouble then I
suggest getting in touch with Mike
DelTergo...lister....he has non airbaged 3 spoke sport
wheels he sells. I think you would need a hub adaptor
for the non airbag wheels..but I'm sure Mike has those
as well.

 When I was figuring weather or not to stay OE with
the car as far as still being able to retain the
airbag it was a no brainer...the S6 sport wheel looks
HAWT....but the non airbag sport wheels look nice as

 I can send you some pics of my install if you would
like, I all so have pics of Allens install. But if you
cruise over to Motorgeek you can see them for yourself
in my project thread...which by the way is done! I
bolted the last bolt on the front bumper the other day
& let me tell you I like what I see!
 I gotta get a way to host some pics so I can link it
to the V8 list..cause I'm not sure when I post a link
from Motorgeek that everyone can see the pics.
 But I just have a few minor issues to deal with now
that the car is all together...but it doesn't smoke
out the pipes anymore, doesn't leak any fluids of any
kind....& it rev's like a mother! The suspension is
VERY tight/FIRM!! & the Blk/Blk color is fantastic!!
Ramble off.....;-)


--- quattro + 5 or 8 = fun <thequattroking at yahoo.com>

> i want to swap out the wheel in my V8q.  what are my
> options for an airbag
> wheel where the airbag would be compatible with the
> V8's antiquated airbag
> system (as opposed to todays softer, kinder
> airbags).
> AND, if it is a euro part, anyone have the p/n?  i
> don't have euro etka
> installed...that brings another question, anyone
> figure out how to run both
> USA and Euro on the same computer?
> thanx,
> Shayne
> PARTING:  1972 Mercedes Benz 280 SE 4.5
> PARTING:  1986 Audi 4000 CS quattro
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