[V8] No rear brake light wackyness

Ron Wainwright ron_01056 at yahoo.com
Wed Oct 10 10:47:04 PDT 2007

Listers, small problem with my rear brake
lights...THEY DON'T WORK!

 So I check the fuses & while didling with fuse
#3....horn/brake lights/P-lock buzzer/2nd & 3rd stage
fan relay...I can see it lighting up, or arching, &
while pushing the horn in I hear & feel the Logic
relay for P/N-lock & relay for back-up-lights click.

 All bulbs are good, license plate lights light up,
hazards work, turn signals work, ect...just no brake

 I all so checked the brake switches at the pedal, but
couldn't get eather to light up with a circuit
tester...is that my problem...the pedal switches?
 I replaced both relays in the pannel as well, but
they still click.

 Any help would be great since in 2 weeks I'll be
dropping the car off in MN to it's owner.


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