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Thu Oct 4 17:35:34 PDT 2007

with Zerex G-05 as a direct replacement for the Audi OEM stuff.  They
list it as a direct replacement on their web site. Most important if you
switch brands/types is to really really flush out the old stuff. Then you
can use whatever you want - as long as it meets the spec for your
engine/cooling system components.

With that said, I have a
mysterious coolant leak that I have not been able to locate the source of.
I am not driving the V8 much these days and it is cold outside so I have
not had the motivation to fix it. (I actually considered selling the old
girl for a few nano-seconds - then I drove it again)
All I can say is
it better not be a $#&*^ head gasket or heads are gunna roll. (mine -
because my wife will whack it off. She is done with the V8)


> I just replaced my radiator (had it replaced).
> Is all antifreeze now this pale yellow color?  What
happened to the
> florescent green we all loved (to drink) as
children?  I liked the green
> color because it made it easy to
see the level in the expansion tank as
> well
> as see
leaks on the floor.
> This brand says it's universal
and will mix with any kind of antifreeze. 
> Is
> this now
my lot in life -- to have pale yellow antifreeze?
(Does anyone have Jack Kevorkian's phone number handy?)
> Brad Hartman
> Pearl White 1990 V8 with Pale Yellow
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