[V8] Headliner Replacement

cobram at juno.com cobram at juno.com
Wed Sep 19 14:55:34 PDT 2007

diemarthadie at aol.com writes:
> I meant to ask - did you find a new headliner somewhere or new 
> fabric?? 
> After all this the headliner in mine just fell :(
> sources for replacement welcome!
> John

I've glued Audi headliner(s) back with good results, without loosening
too much orange "snow".  I used 3M General Trim Adhesive #08088 (sold @
Kmart a lot cheaper than auto body supply),  a soft body work spatula and
a small solid wall paper or laminate roller (Home Depot et.al.)

Sprayed the roof and the fabric with liberal amounts of adhesive (wear
some gloves and long sleeve shirt, this stuff is a real PITA to get off
your arm hair), pressed the headliner fabric into place (balance L & R),
squeezed out any wrinkles or creases with spatula.  Once the headliner is
lined up, start going back and forth with the wall paper roller.  Keep
going over glued area with moderate pressure pressure on the roller. 
Don't worry about any roller tracks or indentations, they'll even out
before the adhesive dries.  If the adhesive seeps through the liner and
gets on the roller, just wipe off the roller with some denatured alcohol.
 The auto top & upholstery guy told me to spray the roller down with some
Pam next time, haven't tried it yet.  Do about a 1 linear foot length @ a
time working from the front back.

The last one I did was on the 90Q, the headliner had completely detached
with that orange foam from hell all over the car, and the headliner had
become a privacy screen (was hanging below the headrests.)  It's been
about 5 months since I glued it down and it's still holding well.  The
headliner on the 200TQA has become a privacy screen too, that's what I
get for loaning a relative a car, she drove it for 3 weeks and never
noticed that the rear window was down about 3/4 of an inch...heat and
humidity took it's toll on the headliner.

I did the headliner on V8Q #2 from the pillars back about 5 years ago,
the material I glued down is still in place, but now the then solid
headliner has separated, @ the sunroof and the area to the sides and
front.  Hoping I don't have to remove the sunroof to reglued that piece.
I live on a one-way street that's also a dead end. I'm not sure how I got
here, or how I'm going to get out.

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