[V8] ECU, IA chip, and Speed Limiter

32vquattro allanvega at comcast.net
Wed Sep 19 16:11:13 PDT 2007

I was going to just ground out the fuel pump relay(ecu kills the ground 
suply) , But Keith advised against it.. Advised to cut the speed signal to 
the ecu instead (same mod as urs-car) I dont have a pin-out for the 4.2 ecu. 
Just been waiting  4 someone to figure it out. Today seems like a good day 
:) Al
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> That kinda sucks!  Is it built into the ECU?  If Ned's chip doesn't
> disable it, where did Audi hide it, and is it hardware or software?  I
> stand corrected.  I've heard nothing but positives when it comes to Neds'
> chips and mods.  I remember Keith mentioning an ECU swap or something
> along those lines to get better performance from the 4.2 US version, but
> couldn't find anything in the archives.
> http://www.geocities.com/cobramsri/
> I live on a one-way street that's also a dead end. I'm not sure how I got
> here, or how I'm going to get out.
> "32vquattro" <allanvega at comcast.net> writes:
>> OH....but there is a limiter on the us 4.2 cars....Starting with my
>> 92. 132
>> is all I get. I have Neds chip, and is a drag not to be able to see
>> its full
>> potential. Al
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>> > AWHdcny at aol.com writes:
>> >
>> >> have a '93 V8 with 165000 miles.  My question is, I am using Pro
>> >
>> >> Also, how can you identify an 'Intended Acceleration chip' as
>> >> opposed to  the standard 'chip' in the ECU?  I have an ECU that
>> is
>> > supposed to  have
>> >> an IA  chip, but the standard ECU chip has the same numbers on
>> it.
>> > ???
>> >
>> > Some in the past have put after market chips into prom
>> readers...only to
>> > find the factory parameters.  Don't recall which brands through.
>> Others
>> > would reprogram the factory chip.  If they're marked identically
>> you can
>> > only know for sure by reading the hex or comparing driveability.
>> >
>> >> Also, where is the speed limiter located and how to disable?
>> >
>> > What speed limiter?  The only speed limiter on the '90 is power
>> and drag.
>> > I don't think they added one in the '93.  The "wall" on the 3.6L
>> > automatic is about 148 MPH indicated.  Listers have reported the
>> factory
>> > 3.6L with a stick will get up to around 162MPH indicated before
>> hitting
>> > the wall. 

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