[V8] The perennial question returns: How much is a V8 worth?

Roger Woodbury rmwoodbury at roadrunner.com
Wed Sep 26 05:03:00 PDT 2007

Well, by now everyone, BUT I MEAN, EVERYONE, on this list knows that the
1994 57,000 mile V8 has returned to eBay for another shot at getting sold.  

I have no idea what the reserve is on this auction but it will be
interesting to see what the car will bring over the next six and a half
days.  My guess is that the car will pass and that the reserve is still
unrealistically high.

There are a LOT of pictures of this car now though, and the car shows pretty
well.  I will confess:  I am interested, but my interest has some severe
limitations because the car has been screwed with and I am not sure what is
going to be necessary in order to make the car right for my purposes. Here
are my "issues", which are probably not important to most but are very much
so to me.

First of all, and most serious, is the fact that the owner of the car has
"proudly" announced that he removed the headlight wipers and pitched them.
The excuse was that he hated the way they looked.  Well, good enough for
him, but there are other issues.  If the wiper arms were merely removed that
is one thing, but if the entire system was removed, that is something else
because technically in my state the car will no longer pass the mandatory
annual safety inspection.  The reason is simply that if there was a system
in place when the car left the factory then it must be operational when the
car is inspected. That is the law here.  Now, if this car had European
headlights, the chances are that the car would pass inspection with no
problem because to my knowledge, no one in the state actually tests lumen
output of headlights.  In fact, I am not sure that even the franchised
dealers for Audi possess the testing equipment for headlights, so if they
work and the aim is pretty good, then the headlights will pass.

But wipers MUST be present.

Then, I am not sure why this is, but I have seen a lot of nice cars being
sold recently that needed nothing, but the seller just HAD to DO something,
so the radio was removed and some ugly plastic purple faced gizzie was
shoved into the slot making the entire dashboard look like the basement
chamber at a lower scale New Orleans whore house.  That is what was done to
the V8 in question, and worse still, the OEM changer was removed as was the
telephone sending unit (which is worthless now, anyway).  

Thus the car was not preserved, and although the audio system would likely
need to be overhauled, it could have been done, and probably for not as much
money as was spent on the junk that was installed.  

If this car was box stock, I think I would be pretty excited about it.  My
sister and her family live in the Baltimore area, and my daughter lives
about four hours south in Virginia:  it is not hard for me to justify a
quick trip to Maryland to pick up the rarest of the rare, but I'll bet that
the expectations of the seller are simply not any more rooted in reality
now, than they were when this car was last on eBay and Audifans classifieds.

My guess?  The auction will stall at around $7000 at best.  The reserve?
I'll bet $9999.00.


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