[V8] On Canadian V8's and other thoughts

Roger Woodbury rmwoodbury at roadrunner.com
Wed Apr 2 05:35:07 PDT 2008

No, Kneale, I hadn't seen that Canadian V8...or that V8 located in Canada.

However, no fear.  I am pondering a V8 that is in the US, has about 100k on
it, and is pretty good price.  I have driven the car, and am too over booked
to do more than think about it at the moment.  But the seller isn't in a
rush, and knows that I am potentially the buyer.  White Pearl with black.

Some issues, of course.  I think that most are minor in the relative scheme
of things.  Some missing parts...belly pan, rear headrests, and that rear
parcel shelf that monkey lad tried to cob together for big rear woofers is

Exterior paint is fine, but I spent a half hour last night pondering things
V8 because I needed some escape time.  

First I took out the glossy photo of my 1993 V8 that was taken a few days
before it departed to become the Gentleman's Express.  The car really looked
pretty good, all red, washed and chamoied dry.

Then I went to Jeremy's site and looked at various pictures.  

	I LOOOOOVE Oak Green on the car.  What are those, 17" wheels?
	And I really like Ragusa Green with the black leather.
	Then there is Glacier...but the picture on the website is not really

		That good, and I don't know how it would really turn out.
	And perhaps my all time favorite, is Amerena Pearl Effect.  

Naturally the only colors that I have actually seen are Ragusa, Black,
White,Cyclamen,a dark blue of some sort once, and of course, pearl effect
which was the initial color of choice when the car was first imported.

The '93 I am romancing at the moment is good enough to leave alone, but also
is WHITE, which makes it an excellent choice for paint work...

I would imagine that Amerena Pear would or Oak Green would be terrifically
expensive to do right...certainly more than I will pay for the car.

I have a piece of investment property for sale, and if it goes to the guy
who is pondering that, I'll do it, I think.  

It might be that the perfect car is in Canada...certainly if the miles are
true and all the records are there, and it hasn't had a lot of Canadian
winters, it could be.  On the other hand, the asking price is about ALL the
MONEY, and I know that the car will need some things...it's just the way it

So, I may be more tempted to buy something that has a few more miles for 35%
less money and do the work that it inevitably will need.  

You all undoubtedly are marveling at how patient I am being.  Not really:
just overloaded right now.


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