[V8] Engine Trim

Korn, Bob Bob.Korn at Fike.com
Thu Apr 17 04:57:52 PDT 2008

I carefully hand painted mine with some silver model paint and a small
brush about 5 years ago, they still look great. 


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Tony, is that comment hinting that I've lost my bolts and nuts? ;)  Must
be same place my marbles are...

The black is still in fine condition, just some of the silver has peeled
off (??).  The silver painting is on the top of the letters only, not on
the side.  Any tape-job would ultimately end up with me painting the
sides of the letters, but that's no biggie.

I was thinking of using those foam craft brushes and some high-temp
engine spray paint.  Spraying onto a pallate of some sorts (old
cardboard) and then mopping up with the brush, brushing onto the

Going to be taking the old valve covers I have to get sand blasted
(would would probably work better, be cleaner and less cancerous than
Aircraft Remover) and possibly powder-coated... maybe red?


Musing the night away,
Scott S.

Coleman, David wrote:

>I'm with tony. Silver only. Painting the whole thing may end up
deteriorating with heat and pressure washing and solvents andwhat-not.  
>If I ever reinstall mine, I plan to either apply a thick strip of tape
and carefully cut out the letters, or just get patient with a fine
brush.  Either way I'd probably clear over the whole thing. 
>Another option instead of cutting the letters out of the tape strip
might be to use a bench sander and knock off the tape that way.  Might
be a good idea to have a practice piece to experiment with different
tape types. 
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>I like the black allen bolt idea. Never thought of that before. As for 
>the paint, it depends on how perfect you want it. I'd say the black 
>then silver would be thte best looking. But, for simplicity, just 
>silver would be easiest.
>The "missing screw" that's pretty funny. Wonder where you'll find the 
>rest of them?
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>>All of the original screws for the spark-plug-wire covers have broken.
>>Dealership prices them at $15, each.  Anyone have any home-made ideas 
>>for tasteful looking bolts to replace them?  I just have some metric 
>>bolts and washers but am thinking of maybe some black allen-head
>>Also, the silver lettering on those covers has started to come off.
>>Best way to repaint?  Paint everything silver, then mask the letters 
>>and paint the background black?
>>The OE "phillips head" nuts that hold down the front of the big air 
>>cover were always missing and I never replaced them.  Yesterday, while

>>fiddling around under the hood, I found one sitting between the jump 
>>post and purge valve.  It's been there for at least 18 months.  I 
>>never saw it and it never fell out.  Huh.
>>~Scott S. 
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