[V8] Well, it's spring....

Roger Woodbury rmwoodbury at roadrunner.com
Fri Apr 18 20:07:18 PDT 2008

...and once again a young man's fancy turns to.....why, buying another V8,
or course!

I have been south to North Carolina in the past two months and have
investigated a couple of V8's, one of which was a '93 with just over 100K on
the clock.  The other we won't discuss.

I have also had a feverish encounter with a '93 V8 out west that was
sparkling to see pictures of, but had a horrific collision history that
belied its low miles and was sort of just omitted by the seller.  Nope.

And two other V8's...both '93's one way up in Minnesota which was nice but
was worrisome because of the obvious winter issue, and another that has
really more miles than I want to tangle with.

Then there is a '90 that I am entertaining a wicked fantasy about, and may
just make an offer next week.  A couple of questions remain, but it is very,
very clean and appears to be an original one owner car with good miles.  No
northern winters, it would appear, too.

But none of the things that I have said that I wanted in the next V8....4.2
litre engine...modern a/c controls, and so forth....

So, help me out here.  Recite for me please all of the reasons why the late
model cars are superior to the early (3.6) cars.  I have had both, but can't
for the life of me remember any REAL difference, aside from the cosmetic.

I may take a little trip next week, and then I might not, but it is spring
and I am too old to be seriously interested in pretty little coeds in short
skirts.  (well, at least if my wife is watching, that is.).  


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