[V8] Imminent Fuel Pump Failure?

cobram at juno.com cobram at juno.com
Sat Apr 19 00:11:54 PDT 2008

Gunter Lorberg <glforensic at yahoo.com> writes:

> mile errands today without incident.  I think that I will just 
> monitor for now; of course, I recognize that the odds are against me 
> that this problem will never reoccur.
> It sounds as though I probably should not pre-purchase a replacement 
> pump until I've pulled the old one out to determine which one I've 
> got....am I right there, anyone?

It's a roll of the dice.  I have had a noisy pump in V8Q #1.....for about
10 years now.  It got especially noisy while in the middle of nowhere on
some very hot days during a trip back in 1999.  Having gone through a bad
batch of brand new pumps in my 1990 200TQA at the time, I thought I'd
wait till Bosch got it's act together before buying anything for the V8Q
that might come from the same defect prone line.  These pumps have two
operating modes, working and dead.  In my experience, noise, or the lack
thereof have had no bearing on failure.  I've had the quietest pumps fail
and the noisy ones keep on ticking.  

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