[V8] Well, it's spring....

Kent McLean kentmclean at comcast.net
Sat Apr 19 04:07:19 PDT 2008

Roger Woodbury wrote:
> So, help me out here.  Recite for me please all of the reasons why the late
> model cars are superior to the early (3.6) cars.  I have had both, but can't
> for the life of me remember any REAL difference, aside from the cosmetic.

Bastian Homburg had a nice write-up.  But for you, Roger, given what I know
about you from your posts, my guess is "no reason".  You like the V8 for its
ability to handle Maine back roads in any weather. You are not into stoplight
drags. It seems to me a 3.6L will take you serenely down that road.  As long
as the AC works (and has been converted to R134a), the upgrade to the 4.2L
doesn't get *you* anything.  Someone who wants the extra power/torque when
pulling away from a toll booth may "need" the 4.2, but I suspect you are not
one of those.  For you, a pristine 3.6L may be the better car than a 4.2L
with too many miles, and a little too worn.

Kent McLean
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