[V8] Well, it's spring....

Ed Kellock ekellock at gmail.com
Sat Apr 19 07:50:04 PDT 2008

I've seen a 4.2 car for sale on eBay which had some sort of sport seat.  It
looked a lot like the sport seats in my 91 V8 5spd or my 91 Avant, but the
front bit of the seat bottom slid out/forward.  

Not sure what happened to that car, but if I ever find it again...

I believe the glove box is a function of the airbag.  I wonder if that
concession to passive safety could be backwards engineered...

I go back and forth between my 93 and my GF's 90.  Not a totally fair
comparison as the 90 is totally stock and the 93 has an ecu chip, H&R, Koni,
exhaust...  I don't have a clear preference driving wise.  The 93 is faster,
would be quicker stock, but the 90 get's it done pretty darn well too.  And
in this specific comparison, sometimes I really enjoy the no-nonsense
quiet-urgency way the 90 gets the job done.  It's probably working harder,
but it doesn't seem like it because it's smoother and quieter. 

The climate control is the biggie, but there are other feature differences
as well.  If you get a 91 you get a couple of them, but the 90 is the
non-servotronic, old-style vacuum door locks, "base" model.  91 brings
one-touch windows with the key in the outside door lock, the inside door
lock button, lighter steering by Servotronic.  92 is the watershed...
infrared door locks, nice CC, tilting passenger side outside mirror, updated
power seat controls, r134a (I think, my 93 has it anyway).

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