[V8] optional wheel & tire sizes

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Sun Apr 20 07:31:21 PDT 2008

I run 255/40/17 on ET 35 17x 8.5 rims with no issues. I have seen some  minor 
rub at FULL lock out front on the plastic fender liner when there is lot  of 
crud buildup in there.... but, I do have 25 mm spacers up there along with  
3/4 degree negative camber, and it didn't do it before I did those  
mods......nothing close to touching in the rear fully laden with -3- 200 lbs.  guys 
I had 9 in.rims (gone.... to sacrifice for the Audi-Pothole gods) and  the 
same width tires and had no rub issues before either.
I run Kumho ASX's which seem to be exellent tires after 10k worth of use.  
Especially when you factor in their cost. WAY better in every respect than my  
last set of Michelin Pilot Sport AS, and Dunlops.
They seem a tad wider tread-wise than the Michelins though again no issues  
with rub anywhere, even the steering knuckle without the spacers.
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