[V8] Fuel Pump Longivity?

cobram at juno.com cobram at juno.com
Tue Apr 22 11:05:48 PDT 2008

That makes me feel better.  Low miles but almost 20 years in service in
V8Q #1.  V8Q #2 has 180k indicated, but speedo was dead for about 5
years...so..anyone's guess on real mileage.

It seems like history repeating itself with these Bosch pumps.  I have
posted several times about the run of bad pumps I got for the 1990 200TQA
a while back, luckily it's a wagon and the pump can be swapped out in
less than 10 minutes and no contortion necessary.

FWIW- the bad lot of pumps for the wagon were all made in Yugoslavia, the
pump that's in there now and has been working flawlessly for years was
made in Italy.  It's been a while since I've seen "made in Germany" on
components for older cars.

There are times where the pump screams like a banshee in V8Q #1 (usually
when summer temps get above 100F and tank gets below 1/4), but it doesn't
bother me at all, as long as I have that AAA Gold member card in my
pocket. ;-)  I'll keep the devil I know for now instead of replacing with
one I don't.  I buy Marvel Mystery oil by the case lately, mostly for the
Mercyless Benz 300TDT, but I add a quart to the spark fired animals every
other tank too to keep things limber.

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"Coleman, David" <David.Coleman at blackrock.com> writes:
> 220k on mine (OE).
> -DaveC.
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> > The fuel pump failure thread got me  wondering; what's the longest 
> a
> > fuel pump has lasted in one our V8's? My 1990 has 165,000 on the
> > original pump. I'm hoping that posting this thread doesn't jinx 
> my
> pump,
> > it's been working flawlessly. A couple of years ago another 
> lister
> > brought up how he used Marvel Mystery Oil in his gas tank. About 

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