[V8] It's Sping .. with Nikasil, Alusil & Lokasil

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I'll second Cobram on this.

BMW info here:  http://www.bmw4life.com/nikasil.htm

Some of the first patents on this technology (AKA: Alusil) were from work 
done by GM/Reynolds with a Reynolds 390 Silicon alloy (etched).

Nikasil, was used as I recall, on early Porsche 911/917 race cars and 
manufactured for them by; Mahle. Which was a thin-film coating type technology (As 
BMW later used too).

Later 911/928 cars (and Ferrari) migrated to the Reynolds 390 
silicon-and-aluminum alloy design, manufactured by 'KS' 

Who manufactures many V-Aluminium blocks today including Audi.

KS Aluminium-Technologie AG (ATAG):


A more scholarly look at the technologies can be read here: 




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>  I don't think it's weird, just plain wrong.
>  Audi NEVER used Nikasil in anything except some Apex seals in early
>  Wankels.
>  Also, the time line would put it right around the time BMW was taking it
>  on the bottom line replacing Nikasil V8's on their dime because of the
>  wearing away already mentioned.  Wouldn't make much sense to copy
>  failure and abandon a process that's proven, even for Audi.
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